PVT: Shutoff Pig Valve

The US-VT Shutoff Pig Valve is a soft seat trunnion mounted ball valve that has the capabilities to launch and receive a pig from any onshore or offshore pipeline connection. The US-VT Pig Valve is a double block and bleed valve that allows a safe and secure approach for launching and receiving pigs for all field operators. As compared to traditional catcher barrel pigging systems, the US-VT Pig Valve is not only safer and more secure but also provides a reduction in weight and increases the available space for any platform due to its small foot print. As a result of the weight reduction and small foot print, US-VT is able to provide a pig valve that is affordable and competitive in any market today.

US-VT Shutoff Pig Valve Design and Test Standards: ASME 816.34, API 6D, NACE MR0175, ASME B16.5 & ASME B16.10