US-VT manufactures engineered valves in accordance with ANSI, ASME, ASTM, NACE & MSS standards. We can also design and manufacture valves in accordance with internationally recognized standards.


US-VT Coating

Whether the application requires HVOF or spray and fuse coatings, US-VT's standard specifications for coating ensures consistency and high quality results. Our specification ensures a high density finish, reliable corrosion protection, increase material hardness, and exceptional refractory qualities for durability and maximum life cycle.

Quality and Manufacturing

US-VT Coating

US-VT's fully loaded manufacturing capabilities allow us to tackle any task. From a spare parts kit to cladding an entire valve body, we respond quickly to get the results needed. Whether it is a small job or large volume project, US-VT's in-house manufacturing and assembly allows flexibility and ensures a quality domestic U.S. product.

Additional Services

US-VT Coating

Valve Cladding and Large and Moderate Capacity Fabrication